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The early bird

29 Feb

Don’t let the smile fool you, folks.

Yesterday morning was a day I won’t soon forget.

The craziness started when I spilled my coffee all over the kitchen 45 before my work day began.  And then, I had too many bags to carry out to my car, so I set my phone on top of said vehicle “for just a sec”.

I think you know where this is going.

So, I was halfway on my 4 minute commute when I reached for my phone, and it wasn’t in its special pocket.

GAH!  I whipped the car onto the side of the highway, threw open the door, and saw it sitting precariously perched atop the roof of my lil’ Hyundai.  Hallelujah!

The only problem was, the 2 rent checks that were nestled below my Blackberry were mysteriously gone.

Flying back home, I chased the rent checks through an open field, whilst wearing wedges.  I imagine I looked a bit like Auntie Em trying to round up the chickens during the Wizard of Oz tornado.   Next thing I know, I’m flying over to the rental office to pass off the runaway checks, and they were most definitely C-L-O-S-E-D.

I flew out of the parking lot, my face blazing with frustration, tears choked up at the back of my mouth, crazily hollering,  “This day SERIOUSLY cannot get any worse.  SERIOUSLY.”

15 minutes until school time.

I tore around the corner, completely clueless of where I was in my brand new town.

And then the lights started flashing.

I think I uttered a scream, a cry for a help; I might have even banged my head on the steering wheel in disbelief!  It was really a blur for the next 20 minutes.

Officer Joe made small talk, asking me about my morning, my job, why I was speeding through a school zone, while I blubbered on like a little kid about to get a whooping.  He handed over my $95 icing on the cake, and wished me a nice day.

I tried to hold back the tears just enough to not snot on him.

I think there’s a moral in all of this.  Maybe it’s “Don’t try to squeeze 100 things in 45 minutes.”  Or perhaps it’s “The early bird’s worm sucks sometimes”.  But it’s most likely, “Don’t put important things on top of your car, speed, and then ugly cry off all your makeup.”

The end.  Thank God.

{salmon ruffled tank: Old Navy} {purple suede pencil skirt: vintage} {white legs: Old Man Winter} {grey shrug: Kohl’s}{multi-colored woven belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {golden heels: Aldo} 

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see more photos):



Pajama party

27 Feb

Let’s be honest, this is essentially a dressed up version of pajamas.  I might look put together on the outside, but on the inside all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and continue reading this.

I wore this comfy get-up to the brand new grocery store (my favorite chain) right by my brand-new-to-me townhome.  Since grocery shopping is near and dear to my heart, only second to clothing, I threw on a pair of heels to accompany my Sunday get-up.

As I was perusing the glistening aisles of organic produce, wondering at the selection of beautiful cauliflower, I suddenly felt a bump from the end of my shopping cart.  Looking up, I found Cranky Pants McGee throwing daggers at me with her sunken in eyes.

I stuttered, muttered, and managed to whisper, utterly horrified, “Oh, oh my gosh!   Did I, did I accidentally hit you?!  So-so-sorry!!”  Dagger eyes kept her wild eyes blazing at me while I sweated, blushed, and stumbled my cart past the cooler full of criminis and portabellas.

Needless to say, my meandering Sunday saunter turned into an anxiously quickened speed walk.

I’m sure we’ll meet again, Dagger Eyeing Cranky Pants McGee.  And next time, I promise to let you pick out your pesticide-free produce in peace.

{striped sweater top: TJ Maxx} {black riding leggings: Kohl’s} {golden heels: Aldo} {owl necklace: F21} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {glasses: F21} {navy trench coat: F21}

Kids know best

24 Feb

At the end of my read-aloud today, a student looked up at me and whispered, “Miss B, I think you need to take a walk outside, take a deep breath, then come back.  You seem irritable.”

My only response was to give her a hug, and praise the gods that tomorrow is Friday.

{striped sheer top: TJ Maxx} {mint green ankle pants: TJ Maxx} {cobalt kitten heels: thrifted} {silver skinny waist belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}

You feelin’ lucky, punk?

22 Feb

I’ve never been much of a lucky person.

{pink and grey racer-back tank: Delia’s} {purple ankle pants: TJ Maxx} {golden cardigan: Target} {golden skinny waist belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {cobalt kitten heels: thrifted}

I didn’t win raffles in school, scratchers tickets leave me empty handed every Christmas, and countless radio phone calls have awarded me with only a pair of Gavin DeGraw tickets, which I promptly gave away.

Lucky pennies are regularly tucked inside my waistband, and my bathroom floor is riddled with pennies that met their terrible fate, crashing to the floor, landing heads down.

My grandmother, on the other hand, has seen countless mega performers, enjoyed multiple gratis meals, and constantly gives away her piling, free goods.

Obviously I didn’t get THAT gene.


So with that being said, I thought I’d give YOU a chance to test your luck, and help me out in the process!  Thank you all SO MUCH for your priceless closet organizing advice.  I was completely clueless, and my closet looks like a masterpiece, thanks solely to you all.

We can’t all be lucky though, so the winner of the $15 Target giftcard is… Julianne! Woohoo!  Email me at thechicteach (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll get your goody shipped right out to you, sister!


Never before seen footage

20 Feb
The inspiration for the entire space.

The last 48 hours have been a complete blur.  From what feels like a million Wal-Mart trips, to completely decorating my utterly blank canvas, I need a long, long nap.

Thank God for President’s Day.

Since I ended up being super pleased with how my mish mash of a boudoir turned out, I thought I’d share it with the interwebs.  Enjoy 🙂

I might have a small obsession.

Excuse the box of records

The crowing glory of the room.

This puppy was my great grandma's, who obviously had impeccable taste.

My gifted bedside table...thanks Gran!

Old school jewelry display case, handcrafted by my step dad.

Green with envy

17 Feb

Yesterday, as I was having the type of morning dreams are made of,  I decided to finally attempt to don this skirt.  Now, if I was having the type of morning dreams are made of, then this skirt was the natural garment for the day: fabulous length, not-too-tight shape, and gloriously pucker green in color.

During a “Life sucks, let’s shop” mood last week, I saw it hanging on the racks at the local thrift, and I passed it by.  One glance told me it was far too large, even for my hips of glory, which is seriously saying something.  I continued to browse, but try as I might, I couldn’t forget the piercing pea green color.

So, naturally, I circled back around and snagged it.

As soon as I zipped it up, I felt like I was channeling this girl, and knew that a well-placed waist belt would save me from swimming in yards of fabric.  $5 later and I had both the Grinch green pencil skirt and cobalt blue waist belt.

And thank God I decided to wear this skirt yesterday, of all days.  Because after a morning studded with projectile vomiting from a student IN my classroom and multiple technical difficulties, this green skirt was just about the only thing that kept me sane.

And lots, and lots of chocolate.  Natch.

Oh, and P.S.  This is the last day to enter my giveaway!  I’m moving tomorrow, so I need your advice ASAP 🙂 

{plaid ruffled shirt: Old Navy} {green pencil skirt: thrifted} {grey tights: Target} {cobalt blue waist belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {brown short boots: thrifted} {ribbon ring: Icing}  {glasses: F21}

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see more photos):


Let’s pretend

15 Feb

Let’s pretend for a sec that…

…my left ankle isn’t twisted from the above snow, which was really an ice rink

…the blur in the following photo isn’t because I was racing over the ice rink to take said photos

…that’s not a work badge peeking through on

…my box of fancy Valentine’s chocolates aren’t on their last leg

…I had hot plans last night, that didn’t involve exhausted shopping arms and my DVR

Yesterday, instead of dressing in all things Valentines-y, cutesy, romantic, lovey, and pink, I decided to dress in some of my most beloved garments.  And also eat loads of chocolate (see point #4 above).  I hope you had the happiest of Valentine’s Days!

Pssst…don’t forget about my giveaway!  You still have until Friday to enter!

{striped dress: F21} {rust sweater: Old Navy} {chocolate brown tights: Target} {tall beige vintage riding boots: eBay} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {green boot socks: Kohl’s} {leather beaded belt: thrifted}  {fish necklace: F21}

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see more photos):