My legitimate question (and a giveaway)

13 Feb

First things first, this is not an outfit post.  

Currently, my town is covered in a light blanket of flurries, and school got cancelled. Snowy days equal snugging up on my frame-less bed with my laptop and Eggnogg’n tea.  If you expect me to get dressed and primped on a snow day, then clearly you don’t know who you’re dealing with here. 

Why is my bed frame-less, you ask?  Well, what an eggcellent question (please laugh at that)!  

As of this Saturday, I am relocating to a new home that’s a mere 4 minutes from my work.  And instead of using my snow day to do things like lesson plan and e-mail write, I’ve spent it dismembering my room from all un-necessities.  

So currently, my abode is sans nail polishes, less one clock, and my bed is on the floor, à la college student.  It’s kind of streamlined and chic, but mostly eerily empty and echo-y. 

Everything has been purged and polished, except one small nook.

You see, the closet I currently have looks a little like a bomb went off.  I’ll blame it on the move, but we all know that’s just a straight up lie.  Since it’s overall small and cramped, the growing wardrobe I’ve accumulated since starting The Chic Teach is literally busting out the seams of my bucking closet door.  

Here’s where you come in.  In the comments, tell me…  

How do YOU organize your wardrobe?  Seriously.  By color?  Type?  Season?  Occasion?  Or do you employ my strategy of throwing it wherever it fits?    

The randomly selected contributor will receive a $15 gift card to Target (hey, I’m poor, and it’s supplied by yours truly), and eternal gratefulness.  Because really, I need all the help I can get.  This contest runs from now until Friday, February 17th at midnight.  

I really do need your help.  Because in 5 days, I’ll be tripling my closet space, and refuse to let my childlike organization continue any longer.  


13 Responses to “My legitimate question (and a giveaway)”

  1. Klarissa February 13, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    I clean houses for a living. Really nice ones. People who have a lot of time on their hands to organize their closets. So far the most amazing one I’ve seen is separated in type of top(tank top, short sleeved quarter sleeved long sleeved) and color. Same with all the bottoms. It’s the most attractive closet I have seen. I also did something like this when I had a closet and it made my life feel so much easier and it’s always good to start your day off with feeling like your life ( if at least your closet) is in order.!!

  2. julianne February 13, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    My husband builds organizational closets for a living! we have a great setup. I have a section for dresses, top rack is long sleeves, bottom rack is short sleeves, and the shelf in the middle is folded t-shirts and tank tops. Everything is also rainbow color coordinated (ROYGBIV style.) with whites blacks and neutrals on the end.

  3. Beth Ray February 13, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    Oh man. Alex and I need three closets, just for his clothes. I had to put my out-of-season clothes in Holden’s closet bc Alex has way too many clothes. Because we have SO many clothes and, as you know, Missouri has SO many different climates, it’s pertinent to have the organization down pat. Thanks to having a kid, we’ve started organizing our clothes by “work/school clothes” and “play clothes.” For clothes that are hung from left to right: Dress pants, Dress shirts, Alex’s cardigans (in the middle bc we’re the same size and both wear his cardigans!) Alex’s long sleeve then short sleeve dress shirts, his dress pants. All “play clothes” are folded bc we care less if they have a wrinkle in them.

    When we move back to KC and buy a house, we have to remember to put “BIG closets” number 1 on our must-have list. haha

    good luck with moving and organizing!

  4. Ali February 14, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    … ya- i used to separate my closet according to color- for like a day that lasted. i recommend separating your closet according to type. i have all of my “dress” clothes together- silks, suiting, etc… and then sweats/workout gear in a section and then “regular” clothes, work clothes… i love it. and because everything is separated the way it is, i will be like “oh, that silk scarf (from “dress” will go great w/this “regular” pair of jeans, etc… it is also less over-whelming. the whole color bit was too much for me. so, ya, in short- separating my wardrobe according to ‘type’ has helped me out tremendously because i used to think i needed to buy more dress clothing but i didn’t need to at all. i just needed to put all my ‘dress’ clothes in a section together and it’s a perfect go-to now. have fun! take care, Kayla!

  5. Dawn Hunsicker February 14, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    In the dresser, I use drawer dividers to divide folded clothes by type (e.g. long sleeve/short sleeve/casual t’s; knee high/low socks; underwear/bras; etc), purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. I highly recommend, b/c even if you’re lazy about folding, you can at least shove the clothing item in the appropriate spot ( On the floor of the closet, I have several 3-drawer plastic drawer sets (something like this from Target: where I put things like scarves, clutches, gym shirts, gym shorts, gym socks, etc., just little things that I can group and easily throw into drawers. I sort my clothes by two seasons: warm/cold and put off-season items in storage bins in basement. I usually switch sometime late March.

  6. Dawn Hunsicker February 14, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    (Sorry, I love topics about organization!) Hangers! I don’t have a remodeled closet and am tight on space, so I am a massive fan of the tiered skirt hangers. HIghly recommend ( I also use tiered pants hangers (has to be the kind that opens up) ( I group things in closet by type: skirts, pants, long sleeve sweaters, short sleeve sweaters, shirts, etc., but don’t do it by color or anything. I’m just happy to have my clothes put away and in the closet! But grouping them by type helps in picking outfits for sure.

  7. Stanci February 15, 2012 at 8:46 am #

    I have a strange mix of all of the above, but mostly by seasons. And then it gradually gets all screwed up again and I have to fix it. I do this about once every 18 months when it simply becomes unbearable.

    My point is, you are not alone. My closet is usually terrifying abyss of chaos and I’m the only one who can navigate it.

    But I do like the IDEA of organizing my closet……it would be lovely……..if someone could do it for me…….maybe every day.

  8. Abi February 15, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    I have a tiny apartment closet, so if it isn’t organized I can’t see what I have. I start with dresses on the left- darkest to lightest or by length and dark to light within each length. Then I have sweaters, pants, and tops all from darkest to lightest. this system works for me because I usually decided what color ( or color family) I want to wear before I even go to my closet. The most important thing for me to keep organized and under control however, are my shoes. I line them up with the back row being my weekend or going out shoes ( shoes I can’t wear to work for comfort reasons) and from dark to light, and front row being the shoes I wear to work ( but still shouldn’t because of comfort reasons, but with these I have convinced myself my feet really aren’t THAT important) from dark to light as well. Boots go on the shelf up top so they don’t get crunched down. I keep jeans, knits, tights, and underthings in the bottom three drawers of Rob and I’s dresser, and I ALWAYS switch out my summer/winter clothes as soon as I can. I keep them in a pretty easy to access spot though because you never know when February is going to be 60 degrees.

  9. Taylor February 15, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    In my closet I’ve put all my dresses on the right and jeans/pants to the right of those. The pants are on a special hanger that has 5 tiers (if you will) that can hold one pant per tier, so this REALLY saves on space. In the middle of the closet is a stacked-cubby fabric organizer that is organized by socks, work-out tees, work-out shorts, work-out pants, and my favorite lounge pants. To the left of this organizer are all my tops, cardigans, and sweaters. These are all organized by color with my favorite tops being central :). Then on the floor of the closet is a stacked shoe organizer that holds all my shoes that I DON’T wear, keeping all the shoes I do wear in a messy pile in front of the organizer. Keeping your closet organized, or pseudo-organized really cuts back on time, stress, and clean-up time. Which leaves you plenty of extra time to shop for more outfits, naturally 😉

  10. britt February 17, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    I’m pretty easy. I do casual dresses, dressy dresses, long sleeved casual, long sleeved dressy, sweaters, casual t shirts, dressy short sleeved, d dressy sleeveless, cardigans, and then sweatshirts. Bottom row is done by Jeans, casual and dressy, slacks, then skirts. Everything is color coordinated.I do it this way because i’m too cheap to spend money on organizing racks.


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