Let’s pretend

15 Feb

Let’s pretend for a sec that…

…my left ankle isn’t twisted from the above snow, which was really an ice rink

…the blur in the following photo isn’t because I was racing over the ice rink to take said photos

…that’s not a work badge peeking through on every.single.photo

…my box of fancy Valentine’s chocolates aren’t on their last leg

…I had hot plans last night, that didn’t involve exhausted shopping arms and my DVR

Yesterday, instead of dressing in all things Valentines-y, cutesy, romantic, lovey, and pink, I decided to dress in some of my most beloved garments.  And also eat loads of chocolate (see point #4 above).  I hope you had the happiest of Valentine’s Days!

Pssst…don’t forget about my giveaway!  You still have until Friday to enter!

{striped dress: F21} {rust sweater: Old Navy} {chocolate brown tights: Target} {tall beige vintage riding boots: eBay} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {green boot socks: Kohl’s} {leather beaded belt: thrifted}  {fish necklace: F21}

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see more photos):



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