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The early bird

29 Feb

Don’t let the smile fool you, folks.

Yesterday morning was a day I won’t soon forget.

The craziness started when I spilled my coffee all over the kitchen 45 before my work day began.  And then, I had too many bags to carry out to my car, so I set my phone on top of said vehicle “for just a sec”.

I think you know where this is going.

So, I was halfway on my 4 minute commute when I reached for my phone, and it wasn’t in its special pocket.

GAH!  I whipped the car onto the side of the highway, threw open the door, and saw it sitting precariously perched atop the roof of my lil’ Hyundai.  Hallelujah!

The only problem was, the 2 rent checks that were nestled below my Blackberry were mysteriously gone.

Flying back home, I chased the rent checks through an open field, whilst wearing wedges.  I imagine I looked a bit like Auntie Em trying to round up the chickens during the Wizard of Oz tornado.   Next thing I know, I’m flying over to the rental office to pass off the runaway checks, and they were most definitely C-L-O-S-E-D.

I flew out of the parking lot, my face blazing with frustration, tears choked up at the back of my mouth, crazily hollering,  “This day SERIOUSLY cannot get any worse.  SERIOUSLY.”

15 minutes until school time.

I tore around the corner, completely clueless of where I was in my brand new town.

And then the lights started flashing.

I think I uttered a scream, a cry for a help; I might have even banged my head on the steering wheel in disbelief!  It was really a blur for the next 20 minutes.

Officer Joe made small talk, asking me about my morning, my job, why I was speeding through a school zone, while I blubbered on like a little kid about to get a whooping.  He handed over my $95 icing on the cake, and wished me a nice day.

I tried to hold back the tears just enough to not snot on him.

I think there’s a moral in all of this.  Maybe it’s “Don’t try to squeeze 100 things in 45 minutes.”  Or perhaps it’s “The early bird’s worm sucks sometimes”.  But it’s most likely, “Don’t put important things on top of your car, speed, and then ugly cry off all your makeup.”

The end.  Thank God.

{salmon ruffled tank: Old Navy} {purple suede pencil skirt: vintage} {white legs: Old Man Winter} {grey shrug: Kohl’s}{multi-colored woven belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {golden heels: Aldo} 

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The lucky one

27 Jan

This, my friends, is my lucky dress.

There’s nothing particularly special about it, besides the fact that I wore it on the first day of school this year.

The first day of school was also the same day my 5th graders walked in my meticulously decorated room, sat down in their assigned seats, and hardly whispered a single word to one another, let alone me.  Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the initial interactions those first few days of school.

Let’s fast forward 5 months, okay?  Now, I can’t get those stinkers to stop talking for TWO SECONDS.  And, I’ve become that teacher.  You know, the one that kids can get to go down rabbit trails if they ask juuuust the right question.

Not to mention that we have approximately 1,768 ridiculous inside jokes.

So anyway, this is my lucky dress.  Because I’m pretty convinced it started me off on, quite possibly, the best (and craziest) year of my life.

Initial awkwardness included.

{golden sweater: Target} {striped dress: Francesca’s}  {mint green tights: American Apparel} {multi-colored leather woven belt: thrifted} {golden wedges: Target} {green shell earrings: F21} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}  {heart pendant: Urban Outfitters}

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The hunt is over

23 Jan

20+ properties later, endless “oh my, that’s so cute!”s, and more than enough “Ew, what IS that?!”, I have found my future home!  One month of searching eventually lead me to my brand new-to-me (and my roommie) duplex.

And I don’t know what I’m most excited about with the move, honestly.  It’s a tie between:

#1) Having my own space again

#2) Getting a giant closet where my boots aren’t schlumped in a giant pile

#3) Moving only 3 minutes from work

#4) Having a pond in our backyard

I’ll let you guess which is the biggest perk.  Hint-hint, it rhymes with a schmloset where my schmoots aren’t schmumped in a schmile.

So, excuse me while I rummage through countless lofts, attics, closets, and storage units and begin to organize my new little life!  Eek!

{cream tunic: Old Navy} {denim skirt: Urban Outfitters}  {oatmeal scarf: F21} {oatmeal tights: Hue via TJ Maxx} {lace up flats: Thrifted} {beaded leather belt: thrifted} {vintage wooden bangle: gift from gran} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}  {vintage Easter egg earrings: thrifted}

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I need an intervention

18 Jan

It’s no secret, folks.  I eat when stress arises.

Take last week for instance!  An email had been received by a colleague and I, and it sent us into a stress-induced tailspin.  I promptly retreated to my classroom to have a little bit of solace, and you know, plan my course of action.

Seconds later my colleague walked in, and through her copious laughter, she asked, “Are you stuffing your face with chocolate?!”

And yes, yes I was.  Cheap, knock-off chocolates, to be exact.  Because sometimes, when the road is uncertain, and the lesson planning makes me want to cry, only Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramel bar with sea salt makes life more infinitely manageable.

And after I’ve eaten through my stash of fine chocolates AND cheap-os?  It’s time for a thrift shopping intervention.

Followed swiftly by a chocolate stash refill.

{sweater dress: Kohl’s} {minty green tights: American Apparel}  {black tank: F21} {parrot scarf: vintage, gift from gran} {leopard wedges: Target} {golden belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}  

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The geek teach

16 Jan

When I was a student, I was completely and utterly mathematically inept.  I’m talking about taking and retaking the lowest math classes available, simply because I couldn’t grasp the most fundamental of concepts.  Sure, maybe I was slightly more concerned with socializing than I was solving variables, but math and I have long been mortal enemies.

So, when I found out I would be teaching math last spring, anxiety quickly shot through my body.  Clearly, I would have to confront my fear and distaste of math head on.

And confront I did.

From long division, to equations, double-digit multiplication, to input-output tables, I retaught myself and began to own the very soul of 5th grade math.  Maybe countless tears were shed and endless mutterings under my breath were whispered, but somehow I began to enjoy, nay, love math.

So, when the opportunity came about at semester for me to try my first-year hand at teaching reading, I was hesitant.  I’d just gotten the hang at the whole math thing, so scratching that for teaching reading was, quite frankly, scary.

But if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this: if math is the austere, serious, type-a boyfriend, then reading is his artsy, hippie, free-spirited older brother.

I’m sorry I’m taking a break from you, math, but there’s a newer, more handsome, enticing subject in my life.  I’m sure you understand, and I can’t wait to see you again, you know, after a little time apart.


Psst: View the headscarf tutorial here!

{golden cardigan: Target} {green cotton top: F21}  {blue cotton skirt: JCrew} {golden tights: Target} {green knee-high socks: Kohl’s}  {vintage taupe boots: eBay} {vintage beaded belt: thrifted}  {glasses: F21} {headscarf: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} 


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Perhaps, perhaps, perrrrhaps

13 Jan

It’s no secret that I’ve always been (and still am) far from cool.

Not so much in the “I’m so academically advanced and my IQ is sky high” category, but more in the “I’m socially awkward and have a hard time carrying on conversations with members of the opposite sex” category.

I’m working on it, slowly but surely, but last night was a classic example of Awkward Kayla.

So, I’d gone on a date with a nice country-ish guy, but quite frankly, I wasn’t feeling it on The Chic Teach end of things.  At least the food was positively sublime (vegan comfort food, FTW!) and the in house DJ was spinning the most bizarre, psychedelic 70s tunes this side of Portland.  But alas, the stars were not aligning.  An hour into it, I used all my willpower to not check my watch, cell phone, or take repeated trips to the bathroom for a mental break.

Yeah.  Yikes.

At the end of our date, and multiple yawns followed by, “Man, I’m SO TIRED.  Long day!”, he got the check and we left.  As we walked outside in the blustery Kansas City night, and he turned his head toward me.  “Well, this was a wonderful time.  I’d really love to do this again!”, he smiled.

I whipped my Eskimo hat up onto my head, and ever so awkwardly responded with, “Perhaps…perhaps…”.

He just cocked his head to the side and stared at me, obviously perplexed by my odd response.  I think it sounded like I was playing hard to get.  But really it was my deeply awkward way of saying, “No thanks!  But I am too uncomfortable to say ‘absolutely not’, so I’ll just quote 2/3 of a Cake song as my response instead.”

{vintage ruffled top: thrifted} {velvet blazer: thrifted}  {black skirt: F21 via thrift} {polka dot tights: Target} {Golden pumps: Aldo}  {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} 

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Old standby, new favorite

11 Jan

The last two years of my college career, I lived sans-T.V.  I thought instead of wasting my life, I’d fill all those hours living the college dream, building relationships, and focusing on living my life.

Instead, I filled the void by watching YouTube for countless hours on end.  Fail!

Even now though, I’d prefer to read a good book or peruse my blogroll, instead of siting on my booty in front of the tube.

But every few months, on the dot, my brother will tirelessly attempt to talk me into watching some new T.V. show.  Usually Chris’ shows are historical in nature or just really, really weird.  If there’s the lure of good food, however, he knows I will watch just about anything.

Knowing that carbs win me over, a few months ago, Chris cooked me a delicious dinner of homemade tomato soup with garlicky, cheesy bread.  As per usual, with full belly I was willing to be at his mercy for the entertainment of the evening.  He started showing me this odd little show based on the city of Portland.  As I watched episode after episode, I started labeling the show’s obnoxiously caricatured characters with equally obnoxiously caricatured people I know in my life!

Portlandia is such a weird, weird show, but it’s so dang well written, well acted, and perfectly executed, I’m pimping it on my blog.

Here’s my one request: stop your studying, your lesson planning, your procrastinating, or your general internet time wasting, and head on over to YouTube.  Google Portlandia clips (specifically this one, this one, and this one.  This one too!), and never look back.

I think you’ll fall for it, just like I did.  And I won’t even have to seduce you with tomato soup and cheesy bread.

{patterned top: Pac Sun} {suede purple pencil skirt: thrifted}  {beaded leather belt: thrifted} {golden wedges: target} {light brown tights: Target}  {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {wooden bangle: vintage, gift from gran} {earrings; Claire’s}

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