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Glitter, sequins, gold, and silver

4 Jan

Today is my bro’s 27th birthday.  In honor of this notable event, I’ll post our awkward family photo, which was actually featured in the Awkward Family Photo book and daily calendar.

Growing up, our father was very strict on Chris and super lax on me, often playing the “be a good example to your little sister” card.  On our annual float trip 15 years ago, my brother and I got bored and decided to play a little game of target practice.  Using the square flotation device strapped across our chests as the target, we took turns launching river rocks at each other.

We threw rocks with all our might, until we were doubled over in tears from laughing at the sheer stupidity of such a lame game.  Of course, Chris’ years of baseball under his belt gave him the natural winning lead.

A few rounds later, a stray flying rock gone awry put an end to all the fun.  After a swollen right eye and a vengeful punch to Chris’ arm,  we were even.

That was the first and last time we ever played Human Rock Target.

Happy Birthday, broski!  Love you like a sis.  Oh wait.


{black denim: H & M} {black tank: F21} {sequin butterfly top: F21}  {glittery silver heels: Old Navy} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {pleather jacket: Target} {gold sequin bag: Michael Kors} 

Alright, listen.  I realize I’ve worn these exact same pants in the last 2 outfit posts, okay?  I know I’m supposed to show you variety, and  sartorial diversity.  But get real, man!  How many of you get a new piece in your wardrobe and wear it to death within the first few weeks?  That’s what I thought.  

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see post):



House hunters: suburbia

28 Dec

Have you ever seen one of those house hunting television shows?  You know, the ones with the overly-highlighted chick who wants “OMG, hardwood floors throughout, stainless steel appliances, and an amazing neighborhood, all for an unreasonably cheap mortgage”?  These punks view tons of houses,and end up with their dream home in under 30 minutes.

This is not real life.

4 hours of hunting and 6 properties later (one of which we were turned down from because we somehow make too much $, LOL, we’re teachers, that’s impossible), the hunt continues.  Do we want to go with the quiet neighborhood with youngsters riding their trikes through our grass, or the complex with hip, trendy, young folk?

Decisions, decisions.

{denim: Target} {coral t-shirt: Gap} {pleather jacket: Target} {Native American suede boots: Minnetonka}  {cobalt purse: Francesca’s} {yoga scarf: World Market} {Michael Kors watch: MK }

See these pieces restyled here:

Stress Eaters Anonymous

30 Nov

Directly next to my desk, beside the drawer bursting with Dr. Seuss stickers, thank you notes, and ink pads, lies my top-secret stash.

Stash of snacks and other sugar-refined goods, that is.

However, since it’s my first year of teaching, stress and roller coaster emotions have forced me to eat through the entire drawer of goodies.  You see, anytime I’ve not wanted to deal with something (grading, planning, or eek! confrontation), I’ll conveniently grab a mini-Twix, take a deep breath, and everything becomes okay.

So yesterday, when one of my little babes was complaining that he had eaten “only one waffle!” for breakfast, I plunged into the abyss of empty candy wrappers. To my surprise, I pulled out one of my few remaining Clif Bars, Maple Nut, to be exact.

Begrudgingly handing over the last of my precious rations,  I watched as my student slowly unwrapped my beloved bar with greedy, Gollum-like eyes.

I continued to peruse the room, checking in with my students for the morning, when moments later, I noticed the starving one’s Clif Bar had magically disappeared.

Feeling my eyes on him, my student declared, “OH, Miss B, I ate it really fast!  Told ya I was hungry!”, I marched over to the trashcan, to see it lying on top, hardly a bite even missing.  My teacher glare cast his way, he snipped, “What?!  It was gross!”

Sigh.  One Clif Bar down.  Only one more to go.

I need a mini-Twix, stat.

 Details:: floral print dress {Target}; riding leggings {Kohl’s};  pleather bomber {Target}; tan boots {thrifted vintage}; owl earrings {gift}; white watch {Kohl’s}