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That’s a wrap!

31 Dec

Boy, oh boy, what a year 2011 has been, am I right?!  Some majorly, crazy things happened this year, as per usual.  Of course, there were the shoddy lows and heartbreaks, all of which molded me into an even better person, balanced out by the glorious highs and challenging life experiences.

Most importantly, I fulfilled my childhood dream and got a real deal, big-girl job teaching 5th grade.

Then I started this blog as a silly hobby, you know, a way to document my obscure and bizarre fashion as an educator.  Please don’t go back and read my first post; it’s disgustingly embarrassing!

And frankly?  Teaching is the single best thing that has ever happened to me.  I hope to do it for as many years as they’ll have me.  As for blogging, this “silly hobby” has turned into something much deeper and more meaningful to me than you dedicated folks will ever know.  I am loving every minute of it.  Seriously, thanks for consistently reading my musings and saying insanely nice things.  This blog would be super lame without all of you guys!

So, from my students who make this teacher tick, to my readers who, for some reason, keep coming back, I am so darned grateful and love each and every one of you.

Can we please keep this going in 2012?

Here’s your favorite posts of the year, as voted by the ever-reliable statistics counter:



Oh, and since this post was kinda sappy, please go watch this and laugh until you cry.


Switch up, change up

6 Dec

Since I have extremely low-key, low-maintenance friends, I don’t know how long it takes the average woman to get ready.

I do know that when I used to straighten my lady locks, every single day, it took me at least an hour to do my hair.  That doesn’t even take into account the time it took to ready my teeth, gird my loins, OR pick out shoes.

Ridiculous, preposterous, and such a waste of time, looking back.

Remember this day? I think I tried on literally 95% of my wardrobe.  Granted, I don’t have the biggest wardrobe, but still.  Everything I donned either didn’t look right, made me look overly voluptuous (unflattering), or just wasn’t fitting my mood.  So animal print and bright colors were my go-to choice.

That being said, I have a rule for myself and this blog.  If you see me wear it on the blog, I wear it in the real world.  I mean, why would I show you guys things I supposedly wear as an educator, and then change it for my real life?

In the words of my students, “that’s scandalous”.

So, even though my outfit started out like this:

I took one look at the photos, wasn’t feeling it, and ran inside and changed, tripping up the steps I was running so fast.  I braved the frigid weather, TWICE, and knee bruises, for you, my faithful reader.

{black velvet blazer: Express, thrifted}  {purple t-shirt: F21} {scalloped suede skirt: F21} {sage tights: Kohl’s} {vintage scarf: flea market} {lavender knee socks: Kohl’s} {vintage black boots: gift}

Everybody’s coughing for the weekend

19 Nov

Apparently everyone in my grade level right now is suffering with the cold from Hades.

I was going to refer to it as “the bubonic plague”, until I Googled bubonic plague and got entirely grossed out.  Google at your own risk, people!

Let’s just say, getting up and looking presentable this week has been a bit of a challenge.  I’ve had to reach out to all 19 of my faithful Facebook friends to gather their secrets and tricks for looking well-rested and awake, when you feel like death incarnate.  Hallelujah for cold spoons in the freezer, Clinique under-eye cream, and extra-strength Tylenol!

Despite appearances, I pulled together two outfits in one on Friday, told you about my googly eyed neighbor, and rocked some seriously flat hair.

I’m all about faking it until you make it.  Or at least faking it until you cough for 3 minutes straight in your car and almost crash into the median.

Happy weekend, everybody!

Teaching, acting, and Michael Jackson

13 Sep

My desire to be a performer runs deep.

I mean, hello, remember this?  True story.  

I’d should probably thank the Spice Girls (Ginger, holla!), and even Mariah, too, for rooting this dream deep within my being.

Even in college, during my deepest soul-searching days, I would peruse Craigslist for local (legit!) acting gigs.  But, my lingering insecurity and self-doubt stifled the fire within me to pursue my desires.

And then I found teaching.  My classroom has become my (and my students!) stage. I can sing (awfully), dance (flail), and perform ridiculously horrid accents, to the most raucous, adoring crowd in the Midwest.

They prefer if my voice is off-key.  And actually appreciate bad hair days.

They may not fully understand the Michael Jackson shoulders of my Target Special t-shirt.  But they know I can make math exciting, not snooze worthy, and writing relevant, not girly.

I’ll may never win an Academy Award for my acting skills.

But I’ll always have the support of my number one fans.

And some Michael Jackson shoulders, for good measure.

Details::  striped shirt {Target, $18}; indigo skirt {J. Crew, $60}; earrings {Forever21, $3}; wedges {Target; $7}; watch {Kohls, $50}; bracelets {from all over the globe}

Keeping personal style despite dress code: how to wear a head scarf

6 Sep

Prior to becoming a resident of FullTimeJobRealDealTeacherville, I slung espresso for a living (ha!) at a locally owned coffee shop.

It wasn’t out of the norm for caffeine-deprived clientele to make unwelcome comments about my choice of hairstyle (or lack thereof)  and bizarre mixed and matched accoutrements.

Lisa was the ultimate all-star commentator. “Oh, Kayla, you look SO adorable today!  Until I look at your mint green tights.  BLECH.  What WERE you thinking?!”

Well, Lisa, what I’m thinking is, “where in the heavens did you get that adorable hand-stitched Christmas kitten sweater?!”


A few months before deserting my coffee shop roots, the shop was purchased by a new owner.   Most of the new rules bestowed upon us meager baristas involved a much stricter dress code.

My wardrobe possibilities were instantly slashed to bits.  No more skirts.  No more afro locks gracing my shoulders.  And GASP, certainly no more green tights.

The horror!

I had to dig deep within my personal pit of complete disappointment and utter fashion despair, and pull out from the depths of my soul the oldest trick in the book:

the almighty accessory.

My last weeks at the shop may have been spent in jeans and t-shirts, but I slowly and painstakingly rediscovered the power of a good accessory.

Without further ado, I introduce you to one of my personal faves.

The head scarf.

Step 1: Fold a square scarf (I prefer silk) into a triangle shape.


Step 2:  Fold up triangle, starting at the straight side of the scarf. Leave the tip of the triangle face-up on the folded scarf.


Step 3:  Place the triangle tip side of the folded scarf against the base of your neck, and tie in a not too tight knot at the top of your head.  Don’t tie it TOO tight or it will slip around.

Step 4:  Tuck the loose ends underneath the band of the scarf, and viola! 



[Ew, that face!]

It also works with rectangular scarves, too!

Step 5: Make sure to channel Rosie the Riveter for the duration of the day.