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House hunters: suburbia

28 Dec

Have you ever seen one of those house hunting television shows?  You know, the ones with the overly-highlighted chick who wants “OMG, hardwood floors throughout, stainless steel appliances, and an amazing neighborhood, all for an unreasonably cheap mortgage”?  These punks view tons of houses,and end up with their dream home in under 30 minutes.

This is not real life.

4 hours of hunting and 6 properties later (one of which we were turned down from because we somehow make too much $, LOL, we’re teachers, that’s impossible), the hunt continues.  Do we want to go with the quiet neighborhood with youngsters riding their trikes through our grass, or the complex with hip, trendy, young folk?

Decisions, decisions.

{denim: Target} {coral t-shirt: Gap} {pleather jacket: Target} {Native American suede boots: Minnetonka}  {cobalt purse: Francesca’s} {yoga scarf: World Market} {Michael Kors watch: MK }

See these pieces restyled here: