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26 Dec

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and maybe even a few of you had a white Christmas!  My Christmas (well, every Christmas, really) was a smidge odd and special in its own way.

You see, it’s probably the last Christmas that my bro and I were going to spend under the same roof and  the final time he would come barreling in my room, opera singing, “IT’S CHRISTMAS MORRRRNING” at the tip-top of his lungs.  And it’s probably the last time I will have woken up in my childhood bedroom and waltzed half awake down the hall, to a pile of beautifully hand-wrapped gifts.  And finally, it’s the last Christmas before my bro gets all matrimonial and grown up, and I move on to my own humble abode.

Of course I’m still spending next Christmas (and hopefully every thereafter) with my family, but it will just be different and kinda adult.  I mean, Chris and I will still argue over petty crap, crack immature jokes, and watch the same Christmas classics on repeat.  Okay, okay, it’ll be adult-ish.

[I had to.  That watch has been in my dreams for months and months, and it became mine at 60% off. AGH!]

{jeggings: Target} {plaid button up: Old Navy} {golden cardigan: Target} {brown belt: thrifted}  {leopard wedges: Target} {Wooden bracelets: vintage, gift from gran}  {Michael Kors watch: MK }

See these pieces restyled here: