Pajama chic

6 Apr

I wore this comfy outfit while dining with a male companion last weekend.

Little did he know, as I was feasting on my delicious bacon hamburger, I felt like I was wearing pajamas with high heels.  Really, it was a win-win for everybody involved.

You know what else was a win-win?  He took me on an early dinner date to my favorite neighborhood, didn’t remark on my awkward sense of humor, and I was in bed by 10pm.

And if he starts saying we should watch HGTV instead of Sports Center?  I might begin picking out names for our future children.

{striped satin open-back top: TJ Maxx} {high-waisted denim: F21} {blue woven wedges: Target} {heart necklace: gift from ma, from Urban Outfitters}

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Homespun favorite

4 Apr

It’s a little known fact, that in college, I minored in FACS.

No, not FACTS as in Jeopardy, rather Family and Consumer Sciences, or Home Ec.

I signed up for this minor strictly because I heard double majoring was hard work, involved kindergarteners (heaven, help me), and included my programs most frightening professor.

Perfecting cake baking abilities, deep-frying chicken, and sewing handmade goods sounded infinitely more enticing than wiping snotty noses, teaching ABCs, and ungluing little fingers from one other.

But what they didn’t tell me was that in between all the finger-licking foods and poorly-hemmed garments, I would also have to take a personal finance class.  As in budgets, financial blog posts, and gulp, Excel.

Oh, dear god!

But somehow, someway, I skirted by with all As that semester, zero memory of what the heck Excel is, and this awfully constructed skirt.

And to this day, if you put me in front of an Excel spreadsheet, I’ll burst into tears, rocking back and forth.  But put me in front of a sewing machine?  My sloppily moving hands and frustrated speaking under the breath come second-nature.

Along with poorly-constructed garments.


{strawberry print tank dress: home sewn} {golden yellow wedges: Target} {golden skinny belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}

No spring chicken

30 Mar

As any public school parent in the area knows, we are currently in the eye of the standardized testing storm.  Basically, what this means for me is I haven’t slept in a week, have been injecting coffee directly into my veins, and my classroom jokes have gotten all the more punny (notice, NOT funny).

So as I was walking around the room yesterday, doing approximately the 16 millionth review activity, I heard from across the room, “Miss B, you should totally be a fashion designer for the elderly.”  Expecting to see a face cracking up,  instead I saw a dead-serious, well-meaning, sweetheart of a smile.  As the rest of my 22 kids fell into a frenzy of laughter, I began mentally editing the number of scarves on my daily rotation.

Because if a few grey hairs is enough to give me a heart attack, being mistaken as a fashion designer for the elderly…?

We’re talking full-on melt down, people.

{4-way animal print tank: thrifted}  {green pants: TJ Maxx} {cobalt kitten heels: thrifted} {jeweled owl necklace: gift from student} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}

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The birthday skirt

27 Mar

I’ve given this cowboys and Indians skirt a nickname.

The Birthday Skirt

Pretty unique, huh?  Not.

You see, I wore it to ring in my big day, and then to my nieces scorcher of a birthday party last weekend.   And lemme tell ya, I learned my lesson, folks!

Apparently, mini skirts and carnival-themed-birthdays full of 6 year olds aren’t a match made in heaven.

Apparently, mini skirts pair much better with 25-year-old birthdays and duck gnocchi.

Who knew?

[Pssst: Notice the change of background between the top and bottom photos?  Let’s just say there was a rabid attack dog on the other side of this fence, and he didn’t take kindly to me being in his territory.]

{floral tank: Pac Sun} {suede button-up skirt: F21} {golden heart necklace: Urban Outfitters} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {wooden bracelets: gift from gran} {rings: family heirlooms}

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My favorite kind of therapy

26 Mar

And we’re BACK!

I’m fairly certain I spent the entirety of last week either traveling, in yoga pants, or knee deep in tortilla chips.  It was one fabulous spring break, but alas, it’s back to the grind and the pencil skirt.

After a long, and rather draining week, I decided I was in dire need of a lil’ good ol’ fashioned pick-me-up. Naturally, I unabashedly indulged in some deliciously necessary retail therapy.

And it all started by raiding the aisles of Barnes and Noble.

I meticulously scoured shelves, read countless quips, and judged many books by their covers.  Eventually, I walked away with this and this, feeling slightly emotionally redeemed.

Unfortunately, the massive amounts of spring break chips and salsa had me feeling rather high-blood-pressured, so I rounded out the shopping trip with a $20 shopping spree in Aldi’s produce department.

Do you know how much produce you can get from Aldi for 2 Hamiltons?  Um, let’s just say A LOT.

Juggling my boxes of bell peppers and avacados, topped high with novels the size of infants, I made my way, feeling slightly better, back to my humble abode.

Some girls may prefer the finer therapies in life, but I’ll take navel oranges and novels any day.

{orange pattered tank: Gap} {vintage purple suede pencil skirt: Thrifted} {denim wedges: Payless} {gold skinny belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {wooden bracelets: gift from gran}{rings: family heirlooms}

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19 Mar

Last night, I received 2 text messages, one phone call, and one voice mail from my brother, all in under 30 minutes.

Keep in mind, this is the brother who’s the king of 15 second phone conversations and texts under 5 words long.  So, needless to say, I assumed the worst.

I frantically called him back, mentally going through all the horrific reasons WHY someone would contact me THREE times in a row.  After a few brief seconds of hemming and hawing, he finally extended an invite to take a brief jaunt up to my very favorite U.S. city.


It took me 0.76 seconds to respond with a yelping, “Yes!”.  So, in lieu of my usual outfit post today, I’ll eat a piece of pizza in memory of us, and soak up some sun on the greasy streets of Chi-town.


Spring has sprung

16 Mar

It’s official, Kansas City, spring is here!

Don’t believe me?  Just take 2 steps inside my classroom of fifth graders and take a whiff, post-recess.

It’ll make a believer out anyone.

{little fish top: thrifted} {green pants: TJ Maxx} {denim wedges: Payless} {woven belt: Banana Republic Outlet} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors} {rings: family heirlooms}

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