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Homespun favorite

4 Apr

It’s a little known fact, that in college, I minored in FACS.

No, not FACTS as in Jeopardy, rather Family and Consumer Sciences, or Home Ec.

I signed up for this minor strictly because I heard double majoring was hard work, involved kindergarteners (heaven, help me), and included my programs most frightening professor.

Perfecting cake baking abilities, deep-frying chicken, and sewing handmade goods sounded infinitely more enticing than wiping snotty noses, teaching ABCs, and ungluing little fingers from one other.

But what they didn’t tell me was that in between all the finger-licking foods and poorly-hemmed garments, I would also have to take a personal finance class.  As in budgets, financial blog posts, and gulp, Excel.

Oh, dear god!

But somehow, someway, I skirted by with all As that semester, zero memory of what the heck Excel is, and this awfully constructed skirt.

And to this day, if you put me in front of an Excel spreadsheet, I’ll burst into tears, rocking back and forth.  But put me in front of a sewing machine?  My sloppily moving hands and frustrated speaking under the breath come second-nature.

Along with poorly-constructed garments.


{strawberry print tank dress: home sewn} {golden yellow wedges: Target} {golden skinny belt: thrifted} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}