With a lil’ help from my friends

25 Apr

So, right before I was checked in for the bubonic plague, I did what every “good” teacher does and made myself go to work.

As I sat on my teacher’s stool whispering and whimpering through descriptions of Vasco de Gama and Amerigo Vespucci, I broke down in tears.  Between the frustration of being sick, to the rampant, albeit ineffective guzzling of Chloraseptic, I was just so done and so over being ill, ya know?

Just then, one of my sweethearts raised his hand, and politely asked to use the restroom.  Utterly shocked he had the gall to request to pee in the middle of my embarrassingly honest moment, I obliged.

Moments later, he walked back in with my assistant principal, who told me to dry my eyes, kicked me out, and forced me to take a sick day.

Sure, I can move away from my folks, have my big girl job, and pay zillions in doctor bills.  Really, I can assert my independence and adulthood any way I want.

But there will always be someone there, wanting to take care of me.  Even if it’s my 12-year-old darling of a student who’s wanting saving my sanity.

And my vocal chords.

{floral tank dress: Kohl’s} {golden heels: Aldo} {purple fishnets: Gap Outlet} {rosegold watch: Micheal Kors}  {28 bangles: F21}

See these pieces restyled here:



One Response to “With a lil’ help from my friends”

  1. Jen Quon April 25, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    What a precious student. As for you? Gorgeous as ever.
    I dig the bracelets.

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