Oh, what a day…

16 Apr

My.  Oh my.

Saturday was a day I shan’t soon forget.

Remember my impulsively purchased trip to Madison?

Well, after a grossly early wake-up call, I jet-setted to the airport with my ma.  We made our flight at departure time, and were greeted by approximately 150 sets of dagger eyes.  As the radio announcer captain was making his announcements, I realized that our flight was headed to a different airport.

As in, I’d booked our tickets to the wrong city.

Channeling my inner Macaulay Culkin, we rolled with it, and made our cross-state trip to our appropriate destination.  During our impromptu mini-roadtrip, I realized our concert tickets were somewhere between my ma’s house and my house.

Did I mention this all happened by 8:00 am?

I did what only I could do, and ate the world’s largest everything bagel to soothe my worried, stressed out mind. And only a few hours later, I was basking in the sunshine of a very relaxed, friendly, and beautiful city, with the best friend a girl could have.

My ma.

{Jewel neckline dress: hand-me-down} {blue wedges: Target} {skinny golden belt: thrifted} {rosegold watch: Micheal Kors} {bracelets: F21}


One Response to “Oh, what a day…”

  1. H. E. Lexus April 16, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    A wonderfull style. 😉

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