30 Jan

Yesterday, I took my future sister-in-law to a local bridal show.

Right as we were pulling in, there were loads of cars stalling, annoyingly waiting for parking.  Somehow, we managed to surreptitiously maneuver our way through the stalled traffic and into a rockstar parking spot.


As we made the short walk through the abnormally beautiful January afternoon, I was sure we were in for a real treat!  Wedding planning induced endorphins were running high, and my morning’s extra mug of coffee was pulsing wildly through my veins.  But when we made our way to the top of the stairs, we were greeted by masses of glowing brides, waiting in multiple lines that wound their way through.the.entire.auditorium.

And this was just the entrance to get in.  So, I did what any annoyed and impatient friend-of-the-bride would do, and really stuck it to the man:

We waited, and waited, and seriously stinking waited.  Finally, we made it to the entrance, where a clever floral company was handing out carnations to the brides-to-be.  Feeling suddenly guilty and ashamed, I crumpled up my Fredrick Douglass bridal application (I spelled his name wrong, anyway), stuffed it in my cobalt, fringed handbag, and shuffled inside with my head held low.

And for the duration of the event, I did what I came there to do.  I spent the next hour helping out a friend, and eating my way through loads and loads of sugar laden wedding cake samples.

Because that, my friends, is what a friend-of-the-bride-to-be should really do.

{striped top: thrifted} {tan skirt: Banana Republic}  {legging tights: Gap} {beaded leather belt: thrifted} {lace up flats: thrifted} {locket: Urban Outfitters} {rose gold watch: Michael Kors}  

See these pieces restyled here (click photo to see post):



One Response to “Sugarcoated”

  1. Hope Adela Pasztor January 30, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Love the pretty skirt and heart shaped pendant necklace! =)

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