Giving and Receiving

7 Dec

Tonight, I volunteered to help run my school’s holiday shop.  Basically, it’s a room full of cheap nail polishes, breakable toys, knickknacks, and lazer pointers.  Essentially, every kids dream.  These mini-delights are sold on the cheap, and all the money raised goes towards providing Christmas to families in my school who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

Kids piled in and filled up sacks with items to give their pals and parents, who were browsing just across the room.

As I stood by, one kid in particular caught my eye.

You see, as she was painstakingly picking out gifts for her brother, gam gam, and friends, she was secretly stockpiling her bag full of goodies for herself.  When her grandma strictly called her out and made her put back all of her treasures, I felt for her.

Just two weeks ago, when I ventured out into the abysmal aftermath of Black-Friday, I went with a laundry list brimming with gift ideas for all those near and dear.  Instead, I walked away with a faux leather jacket, 2 pairs of knee-high socks, and a tube of mascara, all for yours truly.

Feeling defeated and rather self indulgent, I went back out the next day and redeemed myself by knocking out my entire shopping list.

So, little girl from the holiday shop, while it’s better to give than to get, it’s quite alright to get a bit, too.  Even if it’s cheaply made, holiday shop garbage.

By the way: You might be asking yourself, “What is that strange, flaky, white substance covering the Teach’s backyard?!”  That, my friends, is a fine dusting of snow.  This minuscule frosting of white lengthened my commute from 18 minutes to 50, caused me to whisper unkind things under my breath, and chug my entire thermos of coffee before I pulled into my school’s parking lot.  

{grey sweater dress: Kohl’s}  {plaid ruffled button-up: Old Navy} {golden yellow opaque tights: TJ Maxx} {brown vintage boots: thrifted} {brown double-wrap belt: F21} {watch: Kohl’s}


3 Responses to “Giving and Receiving”

  1. H. E. Lexus December 7, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Love the colors and love the outfit. Whenever legs are showing it is a winner for me. You are looking great. 😉

    • KB December 7, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

      Thank you, as per usual 🙂


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    […] Thursday: Giving and Receiving […]

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