Weekend Recap: Christmas, stress eating, and fake pregnancy

4 Dec

I just had the weirdest night of dreams.

Maybe it’s because I watched Twilight yesterday, and was subjected to 2+ hours of despicable dialogue and acting, or because I ate sugar laden cookies before bed.

My worst nightmare of all, was that I was removed from my current school and forced into another school within the district, like, today, with zero warning.  All new students, classroom and coworkers, a complete uprooting from everything I know, and plopped down in the middle of someone else’s world.

My new pretend students were throwing things at me, some were sleeping on the floor, and worst of all, the classroom didn’t have any windows!   It was a nightmare at its worst.  So believable and awful in every way.

So excuse me while I escape to my classroom and make sure it’s still there, with it’s 2 huge windows, malnourished class pet, photos of my lil’ students, and coworkers who I simply can’t survive without.

In the meantime, stay away from Twilight, and keep yourself entertained with the posts from this week: a Christmas tale, stress eating confessions, and pregnancy accusations.


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