gettin’ nerdy

9 Nov

You know when you forget you had a hobby, and start getting re-obsessed again?  Just me?  Awesome.

Well, about once a year, I remember how much I enjoy reading.  Maybe I spent six years burning myself out by reading educational theories.  Or maybe it’s because I don’t have a great resource to excellent literature recommendations.  Either way, I tend to go on reading sprees for a month at a time, knock out a whole series, and then get back to other hobbies.

This is where Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run comes in.  This chick reads about 17 books a week (slight exaggeration), therefore, she is the connoisseur of all things reading related.   Now, I haven’t read a lot of the books on her blog, because I frankly don’t have the time or the exact same reading interests.

However, the other night, I scribbled down an enormous list of book recommendations from ELR and jaunted to my local library.  After frantically and frustratingly figuring out how to use their horribly designed searching system (I’m probably too dense to use it), I could not find A SINGLE BOOK.  Talk about beyond peeved!  Apparently, all of the rest of the Kansas City metro area also reads ELR and is after the same books I want.

So, needless to say, I went home and put a Kindle directly on my Christmas list.  I may not have a clue what a Kindle actually does, or how to use the dang thing, but I, by god, will not wait for 44 people to read a book.

Details:: Aztec patterned blouse {thrifted}; jeggings {Target}; grey blazer {F21}; gold belt {thrifted};  golden yellow wedges {Target}; owl necklace {F21}


4 Responses to “gettin’ nerdy”

  1. Stanci November 10, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Working the system at MidContinent is a lesson in patience. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning all the time. I find a book i want, I put it on hold. Sometimes I’m #4 in line……sometimes I’m #327. Which is true right now with the new Stephen King book. I never go to the library and expect them to have what i want. Sigh. But once you get a solid list of things on hold, they’ll come rolling in right when you need one 🙂

    Not that I’m against the Kindle option……i stare at them sometimes……longingly……’s just a matter of time for me.

    • KB November 11, 2011 at 6:57 am #

      You see, this requires planning AHEAD, this is not my strong suit! I am the girl frantically searching through their computer and on my phone for that list of stowed away book titles. It’s a hectic picture.

      How about I buy a Kindle, and rant and rave about it to you? Then we can be Kindle twins and look like book nerds together?!

  2. Stanci November 10, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    P.S. Went straight to the book list at Eat Live Run!! I have The Marriage Plot on my hold list (LOVE Jeffrey Eugenides), I’ve read Still Alice (painful for me, have tissues), and not sure I’ll ever be able to bring myself to read ROOM. Tell me if you read it.


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