A walking, talking rainbow

4 Nov

It’s Friday, so you know what that means.  It’s time to get REAL.

I’m fairly certain that from the ages of 12-1,8 not a single person outside my family called me “pretty”.  Now, this is by no means a stab at the people around me!  See, as I’ve alluded to before, I had quite a bizarre fashion sense, hairstyle (or lack thereof), and all around look.  I wouldn’t consider it cute, pretty, or flattering.  But, I was exploring and desperately figuring out how I fit into the world of fashion as an awkward teenager.

Since my torturous teen years, thank God, I’ve finally grown into my body and personal style.  Well, at least I think so, anyway!  And since I’ve grown style-wise, the compliments I’ve received are as varied and unique as my vintage neon-track jacket.

My future sister-in-law once said, “K, I love how you wear nothing that matches, but somehow manage to pull it off.”  And last night from my girlfriend Courtney said, “You’re like, a business woman but not!  It’s awesome!”  And finally, when a Macy’s associate said my red suede wedges were, “killin’ it”, I knew I’d arrived.

I’ll cherish these words.  And even if no one else gets me, or understands why I wear every shade of the rainbow in one outfit, I’ll keep wearing it.

Because I will always be a bit of that awkward teen wearing wolf shirts and life vests, without a single ounce of shame.

Details:: golden tank {Gap}; purple suede skirt {thrifted}; turquoise sweater {Old Navy}; Native American belt {thrifted}; chocolate brown tights {Target}; red suede wedges {Target}; rings {all gifts}

Skirt also seen here!


4 Responses to “A walking, talking rainbow”

  1. Kels November 4, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    Those wedges are totally gaga and I love them. Please don’t wear this tonight because you will totally out-hot me.


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