Dating Advice

2 Nov

I remember hearing a little word of dating advice years ago, provided by someone probably wiser and more accomplished than I:

“If your date brings up the weather in the first 5 minutes, it’s not going to turn out well.  Run!!  Quit wasting your time.”

So, because I’m someone who religiously reads horoscopes, swaps fortune cookies after Chinese feasts, and anxiously wishes on 11:11, I took this advice to heart.

Of course, as I sit here now, eating my single-serving of homemade mac-and-fake-cheese, who knows if this advice has served me well?

I do know one thing, however!  The weather calls for snow tomorrow, and these bare arms will not survive the impending frostbite.

Details:: striped dress {F21}; chestnut tights {Target}; golden yellow wedges {Target}; bangle {ancient gift}; headband {Gap}


2 Responses to “Dating Advice”

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