Birthday Suit

31 Oct

There were a few points last week where I thought I might have an “omgbirthday” melt-down.

You know, the kind that happens when you pluck 2 grey hairs out of your curly, ginger hair-fro.  Or the moment when you start to realize you need to do x, y, z because you are, in fact, a grown adult.  Maybe even, perhaps, you have a student to politely inform you, “Miss B, 25 is REALLY OLD.”

But, by the grace of God and some much needed retail therapy, I made it!  I survived!  And I grew a year wiser, too!

After sweating my face off for 2.5 hours with my yoga family, I celebrated life with my actual family at a painfully delicious restaurant.  As if that wasn’t enough, I finished the day around a bonfire, eating cheesy nachos and strawberry cake with my closest of friends (minus a few,  miss and love you Kels and Jeff!).

A birthday post would simply be insufficient without a cameo from the woman who brought me into this world.  Thanks, ma, for putting up with my shenanigans, bizarre idiosyncrasies, and putting me in my place regularly.  I couldn’t be the headstrong, passionate person I am today without you.

Details:: green cotton shirt {F21}; scalloped sueded skirt {F21}; purple tights {gift}; brown leather boots {thrifted}; my favorite scarf {thrifted}; blue woven bracelet {homemade gift from Stanci!}


3 Responses to “Birthday Suit”

  1. jeanette l. johnston November 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! Thank you for your Thoughtful words! I am So Very Proud of the Beautiful Young Woman you Are!


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