My life in Heels

24 Oct

Last spring, as I was enjoying my weeknight ritual of internet perusal, I stumbled  upon Andrea wearing the most adorable heels.  Her snapshots presented her prancing about Chicago in 5-inch-platform, wooden heels.  They were the kind of shoes that make you “uggggh!” out loud.

Naturally, as a teacher, I need 5-inch heels to complete my professional wardrobe, right?  Thus, the hunt began.

I searched high and low across suburbia, but alas, solely Hush Puppies and pointy-toe pumps abounded.  My last hope was the ever-reliable Forever21.  And at a price point of 28 bucks, these impractically adorable heels were mine!

Buuut, there was a catch.

You see, up until that point, I’d worn a mere 2-inch mini-heel.  So, three inches taller?  And platform?  If Andrea could do it, so could I.

I began wearing these ridiculous heels all around the house.  Time to do some dishes?  Let’s do it in heels!  How about brushing my teeth?  You guessed it!  I’d put on those obnoxious heels.  Pretty soon, what was once an awkward hobble and shimmy, became a prideful stride and stomp.

As I walked toward the president of my college on graduation day, beaming from ear to ear, I wasn’t only proud to finish my degree.

I was proud to have mastered the art of walking in absurdly, monstrous heels.

Details:: wrap dress {F21; $23}; grey woven tights {TJ Maxx; $3}; patterned scarf {F21; $6}; belt {came with dress}; suede wedges {TJ Maxx; gift}; watch {Kohl’s; $50}; rings {all gifts} 


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