A weekend recap: I got my groove back, got sick, got real

23 Oct

There is no fashion post today, unless you want to see my weekend uniform, of course.

Don’t worry.  I’ll paint a visual for you!

It may or may not consist of leggings as pants, an extra-long yoga tank, over-sized off the shoulder yoga sweatshirt, and knock-off Uggs.  If I’m feelin’ snazzy, maybe I’ll top it all off with a colorful infinity scarf.

And just because I know you’re dying to ask me, I’m not telling you whether or not I wear this exact same outfit, all weekend long, non-stop.  That’s frankly none of your business.

Anyway, before I head back into my classroom for the duration of the day, I wanted to thank you, faithful reader, for keeping up with The Chic Teach.  You sat by and listened to my drone on about my lingering obsession with the 1980s.   You put up with me in sickness and in health.  And you even listened to me get mushy with my feelings.

Essentially, you’re all I’ve ever wanted.  Let’s stay together forever, mmkay?


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