Dreams vs. Reality

19 Oct


This post brought to you courtesy of KB’s fever brain.

In my dream world:

This blustery afternoon, I relaxed the day away at my local horse stables.  I gallivanted around, surrendering my ginger locks to the Autumn breeze.  In between sipping cider, I frolicked in the nearby pumpkin patch, and devoured charred s’mores around a bonfire with my dearest friends.


In real life:

These photos were actually taken, of all places, in my own backyard.  In fact, in these photos I felt like absolute garbage.  Feverish?  Check.  Stomach fluish?  Check.  Sore throat?  Check.

But slap on a smile, pose in front of a fake horse stable, and make up a ridiculous fantasy world of Autumn goodness.

And pretty soon, you’ll never know the difference between dream and reality.

Details:: navy trench coat {F21; $30}; jean leggings {gift}; eggplant tunic {Gap; $10}; cream scarf {F21; $10}; stockings {F21; $7}; vintage pirate boots {Thrifted; gift}; vintage wooden bracelets {gift from grandma}


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