A fashion-less post

17 Oct

For those of you unaware, this is my 3rd run at blogging.  Prior to The Chic Teach, I blogged about health and living an honest to goodness life.

Of course, there are aspects of both blogs I really miss.  Especially my blog about honest living.

So, as I seek to find my niche among the 75.3 billion fashion blogs on the web, this is a whole new world for me.  Fashion and personal style are obviously things I deeply love to live out daily.  But frankly, I miss being able to wax philosophic, talking about things other than Target wedges and thrifting excursions.

Not that Target wedges and mega-thrifting excursions are anything short of a spiritual experience, let’s be honest.

Really though, I just want you to invite you into my crazy little brain for a bit, and maybe you can relate, realizing you’re not alone in this mucked up little world of ours.

Or maybe you’ll tell me that I’m nuts and should retire from my job of choice, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take, folks!   I just know that deep down inside, we all want to be validated for having the thoughts, feelings, and worries we experience on the daily.

Oh, is that just me?  Wouldn’t be the first time.

So, I have a little crafty project to share with you later this week.  It has nothing to do with fashion, other than that it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it involves some ooey-gooey emotions.  Is that okay with you?  Awesome.   If not?  Skip it.  I’m not offended.


I promise cute clothing will be back, soon.  Just not today.  I’m sporting a fake tuxedo shirt and pencil skirt,as required by my school.  And If you want a visual image of how I look in a my tuxedo? Here you go.


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