Autumn in the Midwest

14 Oct


I have a serious problem, you guys, and I need help, ASAP.  Last night, during my REM sleep cycle, someone kidnapped my lifeless body.

I went to sleep at an ungodly hour back in the Midwest, and somehow woke up in Antarctica.

You think I’m being ridiculous., don’t you?!  I can hear you laughing all the way from down here, jerks!

Here’s the deal.  Only yesterday, I sported this sleeveless dress, and was more than appropriately clothed.  Currently, I’m two steps away from covered my extremities in animal hides and crouching into a ball in the corner, shivering over a fire of sticks and newspaper.

This is a serious matter.

Someone, please alert my school.  And would you make me sub plans, too?  There’s just no way I can make it 8,000+ miles by 9am.


Thanks for your understanding and help.



Details:: tank dress {Kohl’s; $20}; tights {Kohl’s; $3}; yellow wedges {Target; $6}; gold belt {gift}; hedband {Gap Outlet; $2}; watch {Kohl’s; $50}


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