My quarter of a century wish list

11 Oct

Last week, the camera with which I took all my photographs died a horribly tragic death.

R.I.P. camera, you performed your job mightily.  I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but honestly, your shoddy construction, sketchy performance, and mind-of-your-own will not be missed.

Since my birthday (the big 2-5) is coming up in a mere 19 days, I’ve been composing a birthday wish list of sorts.  I’m not really sure who this list is for, to be quite honest.  Maybe it serves to soothe the recovering shopaholic within.  Or perhaps I am hoping to meet Daddy Warbucks by October 29th.  Either way, it’s a tad unrealistic.  But if you always live within the realms of reality, life gets a little boring, no?

KB’s Birthday List, 2K11

Yeah, need I give any explanation about these shoes?  I think not.  They are quite literally me, in shoe version.

Product Image

This camera strap is just too gorgeous and detailed to pass up.  I may not own the camera to go with the strap… details, schmeetails!

IN STOCK Last-Order - Handcrafted Durable Vintage Camera Strap with Leather Ends - M020 Jasmine flower

This is a slight upgrade from the point-and-shoot that croaked earlier this week.  I may have no idea how to use this thing, but I can learn.  Right?  Right.

Gone are the days of piles of earrings and necklaces!  I keep telling myself I’ll make my own, which is a total pipe dream.

Earring holder printer drawer with stud slots and 2 ring cubbys

A quarter of a century feels old, you guys.  It’s kind of an odd birthday.  I’m sure I’ll reflect more on this in the weeks to come, but for now, I’m off to add more unnecessary items to an ever growing, unrealistic list.


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