Like teacher, like student

5 Oct



Well folks, it’s spirit week this week at work.  In honor of twin day, I’m quadruplet-ing with several of my students, and it got me thinking.


Is it bad that I regularly compliment my students’ wardrobes?    Or that they ask me to come raid my closet?  This is totally normal, right?


I mean, they may be 15 years younger than me, but I’m roughly the size of a 5th grader, and we share alarmingly common taste in music.  It’s totally normal.




Now, does anyone know where I can get a tie-dyed Justin Bieber shirt?


Details:: tank dress {Walmart; $5}; leggings {Target; $10}; vintage boots {Thrifted; $Gift}; plaid scarf {Forever21; $6}



One Response to “Like teacher, like student”


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