Teaching, acting, and Michael Jackson

13 Sep

My desire to be a performer runs deep.

I mean, hello, remember this?  True story.  

I’d should probably thank the Spice Girls (Ginger, holla!), and even Mariah, too, for rooting this dream deep within my being.

Even in college, during my deepest soul-searching days, I would peruse Craigslist for local (legit!) acting gigs.  But, my lingering insecurity and self-doubt stifled the fire within me to pursue my desires.

And then I found teaching.  My classroom has become my (and my students!) stage. I can sing (awfully), dance (flail), and perform ridiculously horrid accents, to the most raucous, adoring crowd in the Midwest.

They prefer if my voice is off-key.  And actually appreciate bad hair days.

They may not fully understand the Michael Jackson shoulders of my Target Special t-shirt.  But they know I can make math exciting, not snooze worthy, and writing relevant, not girly.

I’ll may never win an Academy Award for my acting skills.

But I’ll always have the support of my number one fans.

And some Michael Jackson shoulders, for good measure.

Details::  striped shirt {Target, $18}; indigo skirt {J. Crew, $60}; earrings {Forever21, $3}; wedges {Target; $7}; watch {Kohls, $50}; bracelets {from all over the globe}


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