It’s the little things: jeans day

9 Sep

At my former job, I didn’t understand why so much excitement surrounded the weekends.  My friends and I living the college dream, and every night was a Saturday. Besides, I had to work the weekends, anyway.

By the time Friday rolled around at the shop, there was a tangible buzz in the air.  Even the crochety folks began to grin a bit! And suddenly, the tip jar was ressurected and  given new-found life.

It was magical.

The mute would share about their upcoming excursions, binges, and anniversaries, as I would hang my head in sorrow for my lack of a weekend.

Who was I kidding?!  I was overindulging and sleeping in every chance I got, too!  Which was nearly every day.  Hello, summer?

What a little brat I was!

Since I’ve joined the adult world, now I get it.  Fridays are really the best day of the week, no matter how much you love and adore your job.

Admit it.

To sweeten the deal just a wee little bit more, my school rewards us with a little something that brings the Friday Party full circle.

Jeans day.

Details::  button-up {Forever21, $8}; jeggings {Target, $30}; earrings {Forever21, $3}; wedges {Target; $7}; vintage scarf {thrifted, gift}

Despite the fact that it’s picture day at school and apparently I forgot how to smile, at least I get to wear jeans to work.  Right?

That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.


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  1. What you missed this week: embracing dirty hair, cool weather, and jeggings. « The Chic Teach - September 10, 2011

    […] Finally, I wore jeans to work TWO DAYS IN A ROW and relished the small delights of teacherhood. […]

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