From shorts, to tights: hello, autumn!

8 Sep

What a weird little week this has been.  Really.

On Monday, I wrote you an odd little how-to post with some god-awful photos attached to it.

And then, I proceeded to bake and eat almost an entire pan of these.  Yeah.

To top it all off, today, my students wrote “ppl” “fave” and “ttyl” in their papers.


And it’s only Wednesday.  Let’s turn this ship around, shall we?  In 5…4…3…2…I’m gonna go grab a brownie.  Any takers?





Details::  floral dress {Target, $8}; pirate boots {thrifted, $6}; belt {thrifted, $2}; earrings {Forever21, $3}; lavender tights {Kohl’s; $3}


R.I.P. lavender tights.  You served me well.  


2 Responses to “From shorts, to tights: hello, autumn!”


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