Childhood inspiration

1 Sep

We all have dreams as children.

Some aspire to make it to the moon, others wish to make it 24  (Coolio, anyone?)

Tomorrow, I’m making having my students wax poetic about the type of writer they will be in 20 years.  What will they be doing?  Where will they be living?  Will they FINALLY master spelling?  Maybe they’ll even be published author?!  The possibilities are endless, endless I tell you!

My dreams as a child were much less…ambitious.  I had one dream, one wish, one aspiration.

Clown school graduate.

I know what you’re saying, “Kayla, not EVERYONE can get paid to wear polka dots and garish makeup, while galavanting around work playing pranks on people all day!”.

To which I politely respond, “Oh, naive reader, you’ve many a thing to learn about me.”

Details::  shirt {Walmart, thrifted, $3}; skirt {TJMaxx, $16}; heels {Aldo, $30}; belt {thrifted, $2}; headband {gift}; Watch {Kohls, $55}


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